Spam Filtering & Email Encryption

Barracuda Spam Filtering is powerful, easy to use, and affordable for businesses and educational institutions of all sizes. It is a cloud based filter that is hosted by SJ Rollins. It contains pre-filtering that will scan your email before it arrives at your desktop. This convenience will protect your inbox from spam, viruses, spoofing, phishing, and ransomware attacks. Optionally, email attachment Sandboxing is available for added protection and filtering of attachments. With attachment Sandboxing all of your attachments are launched in a secure cloud site and tested for viruses and ransomware before they arrive in your inbox.

For emails that are sensitive or need to be secured because they contain confidential information we also offer Barracuda email encryption. Emails can be easily encrypted from Outlook with just a click of a button, ensuring sensitive patient or financial data stays secure and compliant. Optionally, advanced features such as automatic discovery of social security numbers, credit card numbers or bank numbers can be implemented to ensure those messages are automatically encrypted even if you forget to do it.