Who We Are

Why do we exist?

Imagine not having to deal with the frustrations of IT.  Think about how much more you could do in your business if you were not distracted by IT problems. We understand that technology has the power to make our lives easier. However, making everything operate in unison is difficult.  We inherently believe technology should not be a burden and we exist to orchestrate it so that your business can achieve more. Our mission is to remove the burdens of technology by providing solutions that create efficiency, stability, and security.

How do we behave?

We Always Provide Value – We look for opportunities to increase value for our customers.  We don’t quit early.

We do things The Right Way – We do not take the easy way out or cut corners in our work and we always provide the right solution.

We Steadily Serve – We work to develop a long-standing partnership with our customers.  We provide consistent progress so the customer is always better than they were the last time we worked with them.

We Blaze The Trail – We take pride in accepting any problem or challenge.  We will be innovative and we will accomplish the goal.

Company Bio

S. J. Rollins Technologies Inc. is a Maine Corporation that has been providing Hosted Services, Managed Services, Network Security, Software Development, and Phone & Communication solutions since its inception in 1986. SJRTI is a total IT solution partner that focuses on each businesses unique computing, networking, and application needs. Serving hundreds of organizations across all major industries, S.J. Rollins Technologies helps its clients achieve their business objectives by lowering cost and maximizing the performance of their information technology. Our knowledgeable staff meets the needs of businesses through planning and design, implementation, maintenance, and management covering single and multiple locations. We have a solid, proven 30-year history, an enduring commitment to customer satisfaction, and the expertise for your business needs.