Software Development

“One-Size-Fits-All” never means “One-Size-Fits-Well”. There comes a point in time where a business outgrows the capabilities of “Off-the-Shelf” software suites. When that time comes, S. J. Rollins can custom write programs to perfectly fit your needs.

One of the fastest paybacks a business can have is to create and use custom software. Our engineers can create a database that will automatically accept your raw data and craft it into meaningful, intelligent reports.

We streamline the flow of information and give you a rapid means of retrieving and leveraging information.

  • Inventory management can be automated with instant tracking of changes and synchronized alerts to physically route inventory
  • Billing reports can be rapidly created and intuitively accessed
  • Quotes can be synchronized with inventory
  • Tasks can be assigned and progress tracked to ensure timely completion of projects
  • And more

Additionally, the database doesn’t have to be limited to internal use. We can design a web portal to gain flexibility and ease of access, enabling your workforce to synchronously work together from anywhere in the world.

S. J. Rollins has also developed Service Manager – a SaaS solution to help Garage Door Businesses manage their business online.

Next time that you find yourself struggling to find software solutions, contact us. Our consultants and engineers will work with you to build a complete solution for your company’s needs or help you integrate your software with vendor API’s, without compromise.