VOIP Phone Systems

S. J. Rollins is proud to offer comprehensive and economical phone systems. We are a Platinum Partner with 3CX™, a highly customizable and expandable PBX system. Utilizing sleek Yealink™ IP phones, they tie into your existing computer network, allowing for smooth integration while removing the need of additional phone only cabling.

We offer both hosted and on premises systems. Whether you want to own the system outright, host it with us for the ultimate flexibility and expandability, or lease the entire setup, we have a system design that will meet your needs.

Installing this phone system eliminates all of the legacy hardware from your old system as ours integrates within your computer network. This greatly reduces the amount of equipment in your networking rooms and removes points of failure.

3CX™ works with all major internet providers by using SIP lines instead of the traditional phone lines. This provides unlimited calling in the USA and Canada, HD quality sound, and location flexibility. Additionally, SIP lines reduce costs as they are cheaper and easily expandable.

The 3CX™ system allows you to connect multiple locations together with one system, eliminating the cost of owning multiple phone systems, or paying multiple phone providers. It also is able to link international locations, providing unlimited calling – without international rates, to and from all of your global offices.

Need to take business calls while on the go without giving your cell number to clients? You can take your business phone with you using the 3CX™ free app, allowing you to make and receive calls while staying within the umbrella of your company’s phone number.

Additional features are:
• Voicemail to email
• Automatic failover to cellular
• Call recording
• Web conferencing
• Windows client for receptionist switchboard operation
• After hours routing for emergency client calls
• Virtual attendant