Business Class Wireless

While nothing beats the speed and reliability of a hardwired connection, wireless networks are an important part of any network for mobile device integration and customer satisfaction.

Our high-powered Access Points are fast and dependable. They can work as a single device in a small business environment, or be scaled up to cover multiple buildings. Our indoor and outdoor access points provide cohesive integration to the main network so that no matter where you go you will always maintain a strong wireless connection with no need to connect to multiple wifi networks.

Our systems come with a wide variety of features including;

  • Bluetooth tracking for high value electronics.
  • Heatmaps of usage for foot traffic analytics.
  • Automated policies to shape traffic depending on what the traffic is and the device’s make and signature.
  • Secured and isolated guest wifi that can also be integrated with Facebook for social media marketing.
  • Radio “air quality” control to reduce interference from neighboring WiFi systems.
  • Alerts and mitigations to prevent Rouge access points from spoofing your network.
  • Automated updates that not only protect your WiFi from newly discovered attacks, but also add features as they become available.
  • And much more!

Contact us today to ensure complete and secure coverage of all of your WiFi needs.