Hosted Servers

When your business grows and it is time to implement a server, or when your current server is getting old and unreliable. A hosted server can remove the expense, worry and maintenance of traditional servers located on your premises.

Our hosted servers are fully customizable and have been used in a wide variety of situations. From typical file storage, to remote desktops, to 3D rendering, we ensure that our servers will fully meet your needs.

By hosting with us, you will be utilizing our constantly updating network infrastructure that gives your company the benefits of security, performance, and reliability. Unlike other hosted server providers, our servers come with onsite replication, firewall, and multi-site backups to ensure the best level of data security.

By choosing a S.J. Rollins hosted server, your company can reap the benefits of having a full IT infrastructure and eliminate the roller coaster ride of budgeting for equipment upgrades, and maintaining equipment and backups.