Hosted Backups & Disaster Recovery

Backups are your final defense against data loss, it is an insurance policy for a business’s IT infrastructure. S.J. Rollins offers multiple solutions specifically tailored to ensure that all of your company’s data is safe, secure, and rapidly accessible.

We offer DataVault hosted cloud backup for workstations which adds a level of safety for your business by providing nightly backups in a safe and secure off-site location. Your data is always safely encrypted and stored in our datacenters. DataVault stores 30 days of backups and is updated each night after-hours so as to not affect workflow or internet speed. In the event of hardware failure, flood, fire, theft, or physical damage, your company’s information can be retrieved and restored to your business quickly. Armed with these backups, our technicians can bring replacement computers with your data preloaded and ready to go back to work.

For the ultimate protection for servers, we offer a powerful combintation of solutions: replication, segregated backups, and cloud copied backups.

Segregated backups are the first line of defense against disaster, and are a level above the average backup. Advanced viruses and ransomware often target backups in an attempt to completely take down a network. By segregating the backups from the network, your backups will be immune to Crypto-viruses or other backup corruption attempts.

Replication provides the first and quickest way to recover from a hardware or virus attack. Snapshots of your live servers will be copied to our datacenter multiple times a day, providing a rapid means of recovery to the exact instant the snapshot was taken. In case of a critical failure, we can activate the replica within minutes, cutting downtime to a minimum and getting your company back up and running quickly. Your business will continue to function through our datacenter, providing ample time for a permanent fix for the original issue.

As the final and ultimate defense, the segregated backups are copied to the cloud. This provides the definitive and final protection in case of a fire or natural disaster. Your data is stored safely in one of our datacenters ready for retrieval, restoration, and activation. Your data is the core of your business. Contact us today to ensure that it is protected.