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Can I get weekend service?

S.J. Rollins does provide weekend service coverages with technicians on call. Simply call our offices and our phone system will quickly advise you as to its costs and connect you with a weekend support representative.

Is there a minimum service time?

Yes, due to the time associated with logging and dispatching calls, invoicing and providing our services we have a one hour minimum for work performed.

How can I arrange service?

The easiest method is calling our main number 207-941-0264 and use extension #1 to schedule an appointment. Alternatively, you can send us a message using our Contact Form.

Does SJ Rollins Technologies install other vendor’s computers and servers?

Over the years we’ve worked with many substandard home-based computers that have not serviced the client’s needs. To give our clients a quality experience we only install business computer systems that provide fast reliable performance.

How do I contact my preferred technician?

Since all technicians are in the field working with clients every day we cannot directly connect you with your primary service technician. If contact is needed our scheduling department can coordinate contact or get any needed answers regarding services performed or needed.

How long has SJ Rollins Technologies been serving clients?

We have been servicing our clients since 1986.

What if I have computer issues not listed?

While we cannot list every ability, we do see a multitude of problems daily. Just ask and we may be able to provide solutions for your unique issues.

Why not use an inexpensive home computer?

Typically they use Microsoft’s home version of Windows 10 software which will have trouble in a business network. Windows 10 Home is also incapable of performing several higher level functions often necessary for businesses. The hardware is often under powered and unable to keep up with the frequency and intensity of use required in a business environment.