Managed Services

Managed services (MS) can mean a lot of things. At SJ Rollins, A managed IT service is an information technology (IT) task provided by an outside provider and delivered to a customer. For instance, In an (MS) arrangement, the provider retains responsibility for the IT service and equipment. 

There are many different types of managed IT service offerings. However, the idea behind all of them is to transfer the oversight of IT to an outside provider. In an effective managed services relationship, a customer benefits from predictable pricing and the ability to focus on core business concerns rather than IT management chores. Business efficiency is critical; therefore, spending time fixing computers is not helping the employee and company profits. Hiring SJ Rollins eliminates this worry. Leaving you to focus on your goals and passion. Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of these types of services?  Visit this link to research more.  

We offer on-site and in-house network and computer services. These services are appropriate to best suit our clients’ needs. In addition, we do on-site cabling, server maintenance, computer and network installation, repairs, and various other services. 

We also offer in-house appointments. Our technicians use remote service to fix your problems without the hassle of an on-site visit to your work site.

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Services Include: