Hosted Email and Spam Protection

We at S.J. Rollins know that fast and dependable email service is mission critical to businesses. In this modern age, sending and receiving emails should be instant, simple, and convenient without frustrations or space limitations.

Our hosted Exchange email service is a cloud-based, modern email system that synchronizes your email, contacts, and calendar across all of your devices such as your work computer, laptops, and mobile devices. Any work that is done on one device such as reading, replying, drafting, or deleting emails, will be synchronized across the rest of your devices without any interruption of workflow.

Hosting your email with us adds a level of professionalism with company branded email addresses that are not offered by free email providers.

Our hosted Exchange solution also comes with Barracuda™ spam filtering, intelligently protecting your inbox from spam, spoofed emails, and viruses. We also offer Proofpoint as a higher tier of spam filtering that leverages rapid learning and cloud-based AI to quickly respond to any new spam or malware threats. After switching to our service, some of our clients have seen several thousand fewer spam emails a day, greatly increasing security and efficiency.

For emails that are sensitive, contain confidential information, or need to meet HIPAA or other regulatory requirements, we can provide an email encryption service that will meet or exceed those compliance requirements. Encrypting emails ensures that sensitive patient or financial data stays compliant and secure, while eliminating the long delay and hassle of physically mailing or faxing confidential documents. Optionally, advanced features such as automatic discovery of social security numbers, credit card numbers or bank numbers can be implemented to ensure those messages are automatically encrypted, eliminating the risk of forgetting to secure the sensitive data.

Already have an Exchange server for your company’s email system and need a solution for spam control? We can work with you to setup Barracuda or Proofpoint to block spam and malicious emails. In addition to filtration, both Barracuda and Proofpoint can store 30 days of email in case your internet or server should go down. During this period, your emails are available via the service’s webportal to maintain business continuity. Once your server is back online, the cached emails will be redelivered to your server, preventing any loss of critical business communications. This service, as well as encryption is an affordable solution for businesses and educational institutions of all sizes.

Hosted Exchange email offers other advanced features such as:

• Shared mailboxes.
• Shared calendars with customizable permission options.
• Shared contacts and global address lists.
• Distribution groups for internal, inbound, or external one-to-many email lists.
• Journaling for compliance and archival purposes.
• Local in-house support or onsite help for user assistance.
• Backups.
• User level recovery of deleted items.
• And much more.