Hosted Exchange Email

SJ Rollins knows that email is mission critical to businesses. Hosted Exchange is a cloud based, modern email system that synchronizes your email, contacts and calendar with your work computer and all of your devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. If you delete a message on your phone, when you open Outlook or Webmail on your computer, it’s also deleted there. Hosted Exchange Email offers other advanced features like sharing calendars and contacts, setup a calendar that everyone can see but not edit for a vacation schedule, or another for conference room scheduling.

Our Hosted Exchange solution comes with Barracuda spam filtering, protecting your inbox from spam and viruses. An optional upgrade is available giving you access to encrypted email, used for HIPAA/FINRA compliancy or just important financial emails that you want to be sure are secured. Synchronized email, high level of security, and shared calendars are just some of the features of a hosted Exchange solution.