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We are currently looking for a Network Engineer to join our team. You should have extensive experience managing enterprise Windows networks.

Entry Knowledge

  • Meet or exceed responsibilities and expectations of Senior System Administrator

Skill Level

  • A fully trained and experienced Network Engineer will have a recognized specialty in an IT discipline, an advanced knowledge of all major IT technologies, and will have:
      • Mastery of server & client technologies
      • Mastery of networking technologies


  • Plan, manage and execute all projects to completion
  • Design and engineer solutions for most networks
  • Independently learn and implement new technologies quickly
  • Conduct regular reviews of existing network configurations for the company and clients
  • Ensure that all network solutions meet established standards and customer requirements
  • Assist less experienced technicians in building their knowledge and experience
  • Independently manage billable time through projects, onsite appointments, and tickets
  • Effectively communicate with client from problem definition and cost estimate through follow-up of successful solution
  • Estimate and quote sales for all projects and products/services
  • Proactively identify business problems and propose solutions to client
  • Accept assignment of emergency phone as required


  • Adhere to policies and procedures as outlined in the Employee Handbook
  • Meet or exceed the billable hours per day expectations established at each performance review
  • Show a good attitude towards people and a willingness and passion to learnnew skills
  • Strengthen relationships with existing clients and increase their reliance on you for IT needs with particular attention to communication regarding written proposals, oral presentations, conflict resolution, project management, and billing issues.
  • Identify and pursue new clients by focusing on business needs and opportunities
  • Proactively manage a client’s IT infrastructure by providing detailed annual plans and budgets
  • Effectively communicate difficult to understand problems to non-technical people
  • Transfer knowledge to others within the company through seminars and documentation
  • Solve complex and difficult problems using critical thinking and decision-making skills
  • Lead complex technical projects that require delegation of tasks and coordination of people across teams, a high degree of client communication, and attention to budget constraints.
  • Continued development of high-level skills in an IT discipline
  • Maintain a flexible schedule to allow for periodic night/weekend work and out of state work.

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